Sandra Swayze Level III Reconnective Healer, Lemurian healer and Violet Flame.

Sandra Swayze has known since 2001 that she was a healer. She is passionate about helping others. Sandra feels that she is doing exactly what she is meant to do in this life, helping others to let go of their negative emotions and beliefs that do not serve them any longer. This allows her clients to have a very healthy mind, body and spirit, and to see life in a broader more empowering way. Her desire and reward is seeing her clients come from a place of disease, physically pain or emotional pain and become healthier, happier and living life to the fullest!

Sandra Swayze has had her own battle with Multiple Sclerosis. With Reconnective healing she was able to rid herself of all symptoms and heal her body back to full function in 6 weeks. She has helped others to walk and enjoy life once again.