Have you heard or said to yourself, you have to work hard to get what you want? or Nothing good comes easy. How about, if it is too easy, it isn’t worth anything? I’m sure you can add a few more idioms that we as a society live by. Struggle has been programed into us. It was an effort for us not to give up. Although it never explained the way we needed to really go about creating our life. We do have lessons to get through but struggling doesn’t have to be the way of learning them. When we feel that we are struggling it means that we are out of balance from our true selves and the flow of life. It is true that what you resist, persists. Struggling is a resistance. Step back for a moment and look at what is going on as an outsider. Where is the fear.? Where is the judgment of how it must be or look like? Are you ready to let it go and create a new way of expecting life to show up? If the wall keeps getting stronger the more you push against it, is there another way around? Take the ego out of liking it or disliking it. This may just lead you into an amazing new awareness or direction. 12 years ago I didn’t want to look at starting a business that I had in the Bay Area. I was good at it but I just didn’t enjoy it. Once I got through that ego talk and contacted the person to help me begin, magic happened in my life. It was her husband that was the Reconnective healer who helped me heal my MS. Let go of your judgments of the matter and find the flow that is ever present to move you forward.

Being still and getting out of the emotional upheaval is a beginning step to look at it nonjudgmental. Remember what ever you put your attention to, is what you receive and the feelings present are what leads the reality. In other words, if you keep thinking I need a job, the fear will keep it from you. Instead feel curious or excited and say, “It is time for a new job that fills my financial and emotional needs.” If you fill your days with that energy, it will come to pass. You are a very strong creator. Look at what you have created so far. Remember that struggling is just a way to tell you are not in the flow of life or being your true self. We will continue to meet those walls to help us become who we truly are. How do you plan on working with it now?