Meditation is about aligning your rhythms to the rhythms of the Earth

I may be singing to the choir here. This can be a way to help explain it to others who are interested in meditation. More people are learning that meditation can heal the body, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and bring the body to a higher vibratory level.

Meditation is all about finding a way to connect rhythmically your energy field to that of the earth and the greater consciousness. This can be done by breathing, toning, chanting, or looking at a flame. Some people find that walking or rocking helps with finding the rhythm. All is appropriate. This connection to the rhythm of Gaia and the Universal higher consciousness is always through the heart. Meditation opens our heart wider. Some may find that hurts and fears lodged there may need release to get to the place they want. Understand that some fears are universal in nature and any work you do to release them helps everyone.

Since we are moving closer to the fifth dimensional energy field, meditation will help us create our next step as a collective consciousness, besides our own connection. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to meditate. As you find the rhythm and be more connected into it, your intuitive abilities will awaken or deepen. Meditation on a regular basis will open your heart more which is imperative for us as a collective to move forward. This opening of the heart will allow deeper knowledge, deeper peace and love to be present in your life.

Before meditation please ground yourself. Take a golden cord of energy at your sacral center (belly button area) and pull it into the earth. Then open up your crown as wide as you can and see, feel the magenta energy above it. Breathe, chant, tone or however you meditate into the magenta energy. I also have the intention of opening my heart as wide as possible sending love out into the greater consciousness.

If your mind is too noisy, put it in a box or in a corner to be brought back out later. Understand it may not obey you at the beginning until you master enough strong intention for that. Intention is the key.

The children coming in the last number of years are a much higher vibration and are incongruent to what is here. Because of this, many can create diseases. By meditation and bringing our vibration higher we are allowing the children of this planet to be accepted and loved. There are so many new technologies that can save this planet. These children are here to bring them forward but we must raise the vibrations for them and remind them of who they are. They will need the reminder not the instruction. Our schools will need to change also. That will be on a different blogg.

May this day be glorious! Embrace your highest vibration of joy and love in all you do.
Many Blessings,
Sandra Swayze