The Tillers Foundation Experiment on Reconnective Healing

The scientific community is showing a great deal of interest in Reconnective Healing™.
Scientists are excited by the ways in which Reconnective Healing™ seems to be unique. They are asking questions like “How does Reconnective Healing™ work?”, “Why does it work?” and “What happens during a Reconnective Healing™ session?”

There are still many unanswered questions, but here are some of the results that have been obtained so far:

  • Reconnective Healing™ triggers significant changes in brain activity (via EEG scans) and heart activity (via ECG scans) of both practitioner and patient during healing sessions. In particular the practitioner’s ECG scan affects the patient‘s EEG scan.
  • They have also measured changes in levels of gamma radiation absorption during sessions. Normally the body emits a harmless low level of gamma radiation due to the presence of Potassium in the soft tissues.
  • In Reconnective Healing™ sessions, both the practitioner and the patient absorb it.
  • Separate research into various systems of bioenergy healing has shown a link between absorption of gamma radiation and healing.
  • At one Reconnective Healing™ seminar the room being used was monitored from several hours before the seminar started to the end of the course. Researchers noticed a huge change in the thermodynamic free energy in the room. By the end of the two day period, the effective increase in energy in the room was equivalent to a temperature increase of 300oC, even though the actual temperature change was negligible. This change in energy was what allowed the healers to work.
  • Another experiment measured the electromagnetic field around the hands of volunteers before and after attending a Reconnective Healing™ seminar and found that the field dramatically increased. Separate research into the mechanisms behind bioenergy healing has found that the high level of electromagnetic energy in the healer’s hands brings about the change from a state of disequilibrium (disease) to equilibrium (health).
  • Other measurement studies confirm that Reconnective Healing™ practitioners can emit and transmit an increased amount of light and other electromagnetic frequencies around their bodies.
  • Reconnective Healing™ practitioners can turn the frequencies on, increasing the amplitude and oscillation of magnetic frequencies around their bodies. These changes have been measured in the laboratory.
  • In lab studies, Reconnective Healing™ practitioners have been shown to affect changes in DNA, helping plants to heal after being “shocked” or damaged.
  • The Reconnective Healing™ frequencies are strong and palpable. They can normally be felt through physical sensation tests and have been proven to be real in double blind, randomized studies.
  • Also, Reconnective Healing™ seems to move things into a state of organization and “ease,” according to studies using a random event generator.
  • Kirlian photography and other measuring devices have imaged and corroborated the existence of the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

These scientists are finding that Reconnective Healing seems to help everyone, including professional athletes, enter into a peak performance or ‘zone-like- state, where they are able to perform better on the field and off. Moreover, these expanded energy and mental functions help them to access and maximize their own physical gifts, so they can compete at higher levels, giving them an edge in sports and other competitions.

When Dr. Korotkov measured the attendees during the experiment, he reported that “the results were very, very strong and very, very different” than anything he had measured before in his work with the athletes. Specifically, he reported that the effects of Reconnective Healing on the athletes and their energy levels were “hugely significant”. On average, each of the athletes and test subjects experienced a significant increase in their energy levels. On average the bio-energy field increase for each person was 17% or more!