“I have found that emotions are intricately connected to physical problems and both need to be addressed for true healing to occur. People can also experience a deeper spiritual connection with my work. Please read about my healing of Multiple Sclerosis on my About page. Sign up for my services on my package page.”  Sandra Swayze

Reconnective Healing ® 1 hour sessions

This is a non-touch modality that can be done remotely very effectively. The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of a broad spectrum of frequencies including energy, light and information. Reconnective Healing has brought about unparalleled worldwide reports of healings of serious afflictions such as:

  • Cancer
  • Aids-related Diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
  • plus many mental and emotional afflictions

Acceleration Light Grid

A new energetic grid is created beyond the meridian system that is fully connected into the frequencies of the Universe and the Earth. These connections provide an influx of energy, light and information into our bodies. We are literally connecting strands and strings bringing the person into a higher frequency level. This can possibly give you a way to get out of drama easier, get in touch with what is purposeful for you, ignite intuitive abilities, give you a deep healing, and accelerating your life in the flow of abundance. This is only done once. It is done in two one hour sessions. The sessions are done within a three day block. this gives the deepest and profound connection. Ask if time is a consideration for any adjustments.

Quantum Light Breathing

We will bring your body to a quantum light frequency through breathing to allow all that is dense (unresolved negative emotions) in your body, mind and spirit to be released during the two hour session. Group session are limited to 6 participants.

  • Releasing issues known and unknown
  • Present and past lives
  • Healing frequencies to support your release
  • Transforming you to more light and love
  • Helping you to connect with your true self

Cord cutting $30

  • improved energy
  • release feelings of depression
  • improved inspiration
  • release feelings of being stuck

I look forward to working with you!

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