I am a very traditional doc. I teach internal medicine. I’m on the faculty of a medical school. I’m one of the Deans. I’m definitely not out there on the fringe. And this definitely rattled my construct of how the body works – how diseases work.
— Mark O’Connell MD, internal medicine specialist and Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at the University of Miami School of Medicine
As a physician and a neuro-scientist, I have been trained to know why and how a treatment works.  When it comes to Reconnective Healing, I don’t know how it works. I simply know from personal experience that it does.
— Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D
Sandra helped me purge my past hurts, fears and blocks that I was subconsciously holding on to. She helped me release them in an important time in my life in transition to give me my strength and health back. I felt relaxed immediately on her table as she started working on me. My mind shifted to things in the past like a movie, tears flowed in a good way as I released them, forgave and moved on. She taught me if I forgive quickly, I let go of unhealthy relationships which frees me to do my life’s most important work and surround myself with people who lift you up and love you. If you don’t, those feelings go deep into your cellular makeup and can result in ill health and disease I am aligned now and I have wonderful people in my life. I cherish this new path. Thank you Sandra!
— Michelle B. (Portland, OR)
I had the most amazing experience with Sandra! I can’t even begin to describe with words the sensations I felt. Even as I sit here I can still feel the energy continuing its work. I can’t wait to experience this again, and I’m honored to send more people
— Austin D. (Portland, OR)
Thank you for reaching out, the tests that were in process when I saw you last have been completed and I am happy to say results were benign in nature. Thank you for what you have helped me with. I know that there is great power in what you offer and it is my opinion that the results were influenced by you.
Thank you again.
— Debra F. (Portland, OR)
I had the opportunity to see Sandra Swayze for three sessions of Reconnective Healing. Many doors have opened for me since those three sessions of Reconnective Healing. I feel stronger and more confident and rooted in my original self. This year I am launching new creative projects which truly resonate with who I really am.
— T. Curry (Portland, OR)
The Reconnective Healings have given me the opportunity to allow myself time and space for change, for growth. Sandra is a dear friend, healer and beautiful spirit, a “light worker” helping us along the way to stay on the path to personal growth, health and understanding. Yes, I believe the healings have made a difference in my life—and YES they are worth it.
— Bev S. (Portland, OR)
.... The truth about a revolutionary new way to heal and be healed....
— Christiane Northrup, MD