The energy of being a “victim” is part of duality and being constructed by the ego to keep control. Who you are is someone that creates every aspect of your reality. In order for anything to happen for you, needs your agreement. If it is not love, it is an illusion. Perception is very powerful and that can be changed and moved to a higher level than victim. There are many things that happen to us for a variety of reasons such as: the awareness of humanity, to raise compassion, a lesson for ourselves and others. To be stuck in victim energy is extremely unhealthy. Look at your life and notice where you have a negative feeling. That memory needs to be examined and changed to the higher level energy of love and acceptance. See what have you learned from it. Notice if that didn’t happen would you be where your are or with that relationship? Have you let it stain your present or did you make lemonade? Forgive yourself for the negative feelings you have put out because of it. Forgive the other(s). They were just playing their part in your journey while you play a part in their journey. It was an experience. You create the judgment of it. Something we are not supposed to do. If you don’t like it stop playing that game. The only thing that is real is our eternal self.